Claim Your Throne: How to Manage Your Online Content for SPI Listeners


Claim Your Throne: How to Manage Your Online Content & Rule Your Corner of the Internet 20% discount for The Smart Passive Income Podcast listeners. This ebook that will help you get your editorial house in order. It covers:

  • the basics of editorial management
  • what it means to be a managing editor, and how you or someone on your team can fill this role
  • establishing your editorial calendar, and how to generate ideas and decide where they go on the calendar
  • the editorial process from blank page to publishing
  • how to run a highly functional editorial team when your team is small
  • tools and resources for keeping everything running smoothly

It also includes these bonuses:

  • editorial calendar template, both Google Sheets & Excel,
  • hiring a managing editor check list,
  • managing editor’s editorial planning check list, and
  • managing editor job description that you can swipe for your needs.



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