Six-Session Office Hour Package


Six-session office hour package.



How it Works

A six-session office hour package allows you to meet with me once a month for six month or twice a month for three months, depending on your goals and needs.

We’ll start with time to talk about whatever project or situation that you’re currently struggling with or would like a strategic perspective on. We can talk about:

  • Your book manuscript or any storytelling project
  • Your ongoing content strategy and management needs
  • Your research or lifestyle changes on your healing journey
  • Brainstorming solutions for your story or health project
  • Getting organized and figuring out a plan of action toward progress and change

We’ll create a plan, set goals, develop action items, and establish milestone deadlines that I’ll hold you accountable to in each subsequent office hour when we check in on your progress, and make adjustments as needed to get you closer to your desired outcome.

As soon as you book, you’ll get an email with a link to schedule your appointment with a questionnaire where you’ll answer some key questions about your goals and provide a summary of the project or circumstance for which you’re needing support.In preparation of our call I will review your responses and develop initial thoughts for your plan as well as some suggested tools and resources (if applicable). After your office hour session, you’ll receive a recording of our call and detailed notes with action items.


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