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If you’ve heard me on an episode of the SPI Podcast (episode 215 or episode 360), you know that I have such a penchant for organization and deadlines that I’ve earned myself the nickname “whip-cracker.”
But from those episodes you may not have learned the why behind the work that I do: I believe in telling stories without shame. This means that when we find the courage to share a part of ourselves publicly, we have come to a place where we are unashamed and we are comfortable with all the parts of our story that makes us who we are. This is why I do the work that I do of writing, teaching, and publishing creative nonfiction – it is the very thing that has healed me both emotionally and physically more than once in my life and now I strive to help others do the same.
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More to The Story is all about creative nonfiction and the power of sharing your personal story. Guests read an excerpt of their story and then we chat about it.

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CYT_finalI wrote this ebook, Claim Your Throne: How to Manage Your Online Content & Rule Your Corner of the Internet, just for you. It’s for people like you who want to learn about best practices in content strategy, setting up an editorial calendar, and implementing a system around their content creation, but don’t know where to start.
You probably have questions like, What’s an editorial calendar? How do I plan ahead? What is the production schedule? What is the workflow from start to finish? Claim Your Throne answers all these questions, and more.
The ebook covers:
• The basics of content management
• What it means to be a managing editor, and how you or someone on your team can fill this role
• Establishing your editorial calendar, and how to generate ideas and decide where they go on the calendar
• The editorial process from blank page to publishing
• How to run a highly functional editorial team when your team is small
• Tools and resources for keeping everything running smoothly
Plus these bonuses (more than $100 value):
• Editorial calendar & production schedule template
• Checklist for hiring a managing editor
• Managing editor’s checklist
• Managing editor job description that you can swipe and modify for your needs

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