Typically this time of year makes me depressed. Not that I don’t enjoy the holiday season and all that it represents, but it’s just too damn cold for me to fully embrace said holiday bliss. Many people have heard this from me before — I would rather be hot than cold. And it doesn’t even mater how hot it is: if I had to choose between sweating and shivering? Bring on the sweat! (By the way, I sweat a lot.)

Today, however, I found a new appreciation for fall, and those distinguishing features that come with it: crisp air, changing colors, falling leaves, and yes, even the chill in my bones. Why? I am so glad you asked.

Allow me to introduce a very special addition to my life. May I have a drum roll please….Scottie Scooterson. Yep, that’s the two of us together. Ahh. Such a happy couple. He’s going to make my life so much easier (more on that to come), and I can’t wait to drag him all around town. He’ll take me anywhere I want to go — well, most anywhere. He doesn’t go on the freeway, but that’s ok. I still love him. And he sure is easy on the eyes.

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