These days, coworkers don’t have to work for the same company. As a noun, the word “coworker” typically conjures up the default image of people sitting inside little cubes.

But no more.

We are on the cusp of a new economy where workers reclaim and repurpose stale philosophies. Enter coworking, and a movement driven by creative professionals who refuse to be bound by the stodgy cubicle and the 9 to 5 schedule.

These are the people redefining “coworker.” They do all kinds of creative things; they think differently about working, business, food, economics, and even church. They are learning how to cowork in every aspect of life.

They are members of the creative class, which, as Richard Florida writes, is quickly becoming the dominating working class and will have huge economic impacts if creatives in key metropolitan areas can collaborate as a cohesive group.

The spirit behind coworking is inherent in the word, a verb: working together, collaborating. It’s more than a single location; rather it’s a way to harness this city’s Creative Class. To cowork is to collaborate – something that Sacramento desperately needs.

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One thought on “Why Sacramento Needs Coworking

  1. OK, that’s it. I’m quitting my job to become a coworker at the Urban Hive.

    Hmm, now I just need something to work on…

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