Most of the time I whine (usually just in my head) about how I NEVER have ANYthing to blog about. Or, my other favorite, how I NEVER have TIME to blog. (Of course we all know that the truth is I never MAKE time to blog. But that’s besides the point.)

Today on my to-do list I wrote: Blog post. That means I am supposed to write a blog post. Shocker. So I sat here (here being my usual spot at The Urban Hive) for a good 15 minutes trying to think of something to blog about.

I read some Penelope Trunk. Her most recent post is titled “How to deal with doubt: Take a leap.” Which made me remember this post I started and never finished about being a risk-taker. I actually had to do a search for the file because I couldn’t find it right away. It was buried in the most appropriate place: a folder titled “monologues.” Imagine that. It’s a good post. Maybe I’ll finish it next week.

Reading that post made me think about FreelanceCamp Sacramento a few weekends ago and how I was sharing in one of the sessions about the challenge of selling abstract ideas. Like coworking and FreelanceCamp. And that made me think about how cool it was that my new friends Iris and Jeremy trekked all the way up to Sacramento from Santa Cruz and their uber-cool coworking space NextSpace JUST FOR FREELANCECAMP! (p.s. Sacramento, NextSpace is a community of 150 people who want to connect, catalyze and actively be the future of the economy in Santa Cruz. Where are you, Sacramentans?? C’mon people!)

Then it hit me. Sometimes — actually a lot of times — I forget to blog about important stuff. Like FreelanceCamp. Like how if you didn’t make, it you missed out. Big Time. Right, everyone who attended? (Read: pathetic plea for comments.) Like how bummed I was just a few weeks before the event that no one had signed up and my good friend Robin helped me look for the positives and also suggested that maybe my depressive tendencies are nutrition based, not circumstantial. Like how my new-found friend Jenny came through at the buzzer with the winning point when she designed an ad that was sponsored (donated) by Sacramento News & Review. (I still owe you a bottle of wine, Jenny. I haven’t forgotten!) Like how Jenn Kistler from SN&R came to FreelanceCamp and will be writing an article about The Urban Hive that should run next week. Like how even though only 20 out of 30 registered people showed up, they were the raddest, coolest 20 people who could have showed up; they were awesome contributors, way into participation (which is absolutely essential for an event like this) and left asking when the next FreelanceCamp Sacramento will be.

Some other important stuff may have happened recently. Like my new MacBook (with help from my good pal Ryan). Like hurting the face part of my head and getting stitches. Like Hot Bag O Doughnuts at Bistro 33.

5 thoughts on “Sometimes I forget to blog about important stuff.

  1. Janna,

    I was thoroughly impressed by what the UrbanHive was able to pull together for the FreelanceCamp. Great group and great discussions. Food was fantastic, way way better than iPhoneDevCamp that I attended. Now if I can figure out how to post on the wiki, I'll add my notes from the day

  2. comment con't…

    10. realizing how long it's been since we wined & whined, considering I haven't heard the play by play on Freelance Camp yet.

    11. hopefully this successfully fulfills the pathetic plea for comments, even if I didn't attend.

    12. it's good to have someone who can help you see the positives when you're upset/discouraged/demoralized/pissy. I have a Janna.

    13. neglecting your nutrition is bad. I know this from personal experience. and love you for always thinking to bring me granola bars when we have crazy busy days.

    14. i heart jenny.

    15. pissed I missed the SN&R shoot by mere minutes. dang you traffic.

    16. you got a new WHAT? geez. that's it. we're leaving right now and hitting the balcony with wine.

    17. i love doughnuts. like LOOOVE them. and HOT? and in a bag?! holy greasy goodness batman.

    18. no matter what silly boys say, I think your sweater today is fabulously snuggly. and you can tell him that.

    19. if Janna makes a ridicules noise in the forest and no one's around….it didn't happen. according to her.

    20. next thrift trip will be epic. i can feel it. lets go now. 🙂

    xoxo -kls

  3. Ok, so I owe you about 20 comments…

    1. I don't like not seeing you and being out of the Janna loop!

    2. poor puffy stitched Janna head.

    3. you do have to MAKE time to blog. it's not like you have this gigantic chunk of time sitting about wildly waving its arms, begging you to use it for blogging.

    4. Having something to blog about – get an itty-bitty notebook to capture stray thoughts while trying to focus. When you MAKE blog time, go over your stray thought list and clump together thoughts that learned their manners & compliment each other.

    5.In reference to aforementioned well-mannered stray thoughts – I have a brimming "drafts" folder. Sometimes I open a new post, insert my catchy title, and put 1 sentence describing what I was thinking. Later (sometimes MUCH later) i go through drafts and realize I now have a ton to say about a previous 1-sentence-wonder.

    6. I heart Penelope Trunk. I wish I was 1/2 that frank & forward. Only 1/2 though. Full-blown Penelope status is catergorically socially awkward.

    7. "How to deal with doubt: take a leap" – nightmare status.

    8. "Maybe I'll finish it next week". you won't. not like that – schedule it. right now.(see #3)

    9. Freelance Camp – so mad I missed it! I'm so happy it was amazing, & that your friends came all the way here for it.

    con't above… your blog couldn't handle my comment awesomeness all in one serving. haha

  4. I heart comments. Thank you, Dustin and Kari, for leaving me comments. Now I heart you both. Please come back again soon.

    p.s. Dustin, email or call me — let's see if we can figure out hat barcamp wiki page issue…

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