In the last episode of Adventures with Scottie, we learned about the difference between unhelpful and helpful ways to approach a girl on a scooter. It was also raining in that episode.

It’s raining again in today’s episode. Only, it started raining right as I pulled away from the curb. Needless to say, my attire wasn’t entirely appropriate: flat leather aqua shoes, dark denim jeans, green trench coat. The coat was perfect, but the shoes got completely soaked.

On my way to campus, I’m at a stoplight at 19th and N Streets. A while utility van is in the lane next to me. My eyes are fixed on the stoplight when I hear:

“It’s slippery out there today.”
I look over to see the utility van’s driver side window rolled down and a salt-and-pepper comb-over.
I nod.
The light turns green.
I zip away.

On my way home, Scottie is acting up. He’s hesitating as I ride down Freeport Boulevard. I look at my broken gas gauge, then at the mileage. 2,717. I’m supposed to fill up at 730. I’m gunning Scottie at full throttle, and he’s hesitating, nearly lunging down the road, until he peters out.

I turn on my right blinker and coast to the next side street. I’m right in front of The Bicycle Business. I push Scottie up on to the sidewalk. Look at my phone. 4:00. Bridget teaches at the same time as I do on Tuesdays. Maybe she’s just leaving too. Call Bridget. Voice mail.

“Hey, Bridget, this is Janna. I was just leaving campus and I’m on Freeport across from McClatchy High School. And, well, the scooter ran out of gas. I was gonna see if you’re still near campus and could come pick me up. Call me if you get this in the next 15 minutes or so, otherwise I’ll walk to Light Rail. Thanks.”

I hang up and walk inside the bike shop. A bell rings. It smells like rubber. A guy comes out from behind the counter.

“Hey, do you guys have a parking lot?” I ask.
My phone rings. It’s Bridget.
“Oh, just a sec. Sorry. Hello?”
The call failed.
“OK, sorry. That was my ride.”
“No problem. So, we just have a back alley, but we park back there,” the guy says.
“So could I park back there? I ride a scooter, and just ran out of gas — could I leave it here until I can come back for it?”
“Sure, no problem.”

I go back out into the rain and push Scottie to the back of the building. Then I call Bridget and stand under the overhang in front of The Bicycle Business until she gets there.

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