With Scottie still stranded at The Bicycle Business, I didn’t have have him to ride to class the next day. Thankfully it wasn’t raining, so I walked 13 blocks, helmet in hand, to 16th and R and took the light rail.

The Meadoview line goes directly to Sacramento City College. But I wavered back and forth between getting off one stop early to rescue Scottie or to get him after class.

The problem: what if I went to Scottie first and he still felt sick? Then I’d be stuck rushing to campus a mile up the road. So I went to class and then walked from campus to The Bicycle Business afterward.

There was Scottie, just as content as could be. He had no clue how much heart ache he had caused me in the past 3 days. I took a deep breath, said a quick prayer and pushed his start button, slightly turning the throttle.

He started right up.

Good, Scottie. Now let’s just get you home.

I cinched up my helmet strap and pulled on my purple driving gloves.

We rounded the corner in front of The Bicycle Business and Scottie hesitated. I pulled to the side of the road. His engine didn’t die, but he still coughed. I gunned the throttle a little, and he seemed to take it just fine. I waited until the circle mirror reflected a clear road and pulled out.

We zipped off, over the light rail tracks, and we both made it home.

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