Friends, I’m sharing some sad and important news today. Last week I found out that Ann Boroch, certified nutritionist and naturopathic healer, passed away suddenly. I had been consulting with Ann in the wake of my MS diagnosis in 2012 and I’m heartbroken and devastated by this news. Ann was such an inspiration to me and everything that I do to manage my health holistically without drugs I learned from her. I recorded this video to share the story of my experience with her and to encourage others to do the same so that we can continue to carry on her legacy of inspiring others to choose health. If you are so inclined, please do share this video to help spread the call to action. I would love nothing more than to see the internet flooded with positive and uplifting stories of health and wellness because of Ann’s life.

3 thoughts on “Thank you, Ann Boroch

  1. Hi Janna, I discovered the AnnBoroch Protocol last month after being diagnosed with MS in 2001. It is so sad that Ann is no longer with us.
    I was already on the Best Bet Diet and doing really well (ie walking, working and dancing) but as soon as I went off corn and sugar like Ann suggests, my digestion was so much better and I had more energy. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

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