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Depressive tendencies made it hard for me to get out of bed. When I looked at the world, I saw dullness, grayness. While there were situations in my life that were crappy, issues with my health, family, and job, I was beyond just being sad. I needed to research, consider, read, and select actions for my life that would bring about change. And I wanted to do it without drugs. Was it possible?

I found uninspiring resources online. So I embarked on a journey with a therapist, a naturopathic doctor, and a yoga instructor. How to Manage Depression Without Drugs is a concise overview of the five steps I took to re-write my story, to implement change, to continue on a path toward mental, emotional and physical health. Each chapter includes a simple visual game plan designed to motivate and inspire. This is the book I could not find when I needed it, a story told without shame and attached to concrete strategies for managing depression without drugs.




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What Others Are Saying

“Talking about depression is always a delicate subject, especially for those who pursue creative and independent careers on top of life’s regular worries. Sadly, depression is often discussed in negative tones with negative stories and negative methods like drugs. Thank goodness for Janna. In this book, Janna does a beautiful job of sharing her own personal journey with depression in a vivid, hopeful, and motivational manner. I found great comfort in her words about how to overcome depressive tendencies with healthy and holistic life choices. In a world that seems to feature the darker sides of life, Janna’s book is a refreshing burst of sunlight that illuminates a better way forward. Thank you Janna for your courage in writing this book.”

Matt Gartland, Winning Edits & Author MBA Podcast


 “Solutions for depression do exist without drugs! An insightful journey by someone who had the courage, willingness, and tenacity to change her own story to lift out of depression.”

Ann Boroch, C.N.C, author of The Candida Cure and Healing Multiple Sclerosis 

“‘Authentic storytelling,’ something to which Janna is very committed, is not mutually-exclusive to ‘truthful living.’ And in this ebook, Janna weds the two in powerful, palpable ways. She tells her own incredible true story and in so doing, invites us right into her authentic life. I couldn’t put it down. I wanted more. And most of all, I want what she’s having: telling, living, experiencing.”

Ronna Detrick, Writer & Truth Teller

“How to Manage Depression Without Drugs offers practical ideas for managing depression. Janna recognizes that there is no one-size-fits-all remedy for depression, but here she walks us through her personal journey and what worked for her. The focus on art, diet, and ritual resonates deeply with me. I applaud both the courage she mustered to share her story with us, and her generosity in doing so.”

James Stafford, Executive Editor, The Good Men Project


After Reading

If you’ve already read How to Manage Depression Without Drugs–THANK YOU! You know that I write because I believe in the power of personal storytelling, and so I share my story in hope of helping or inspiring just one person who reads it. If my story has helped or inspired you, I would so appreciate if you would help others by sharing your experience. You can do that by…

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